Our knowledge products

We prepare some of the knowledge products extracting from study reports for communicating with our target audience so that they may be used to lead to change


Unnayan Shamannay’s publication list contains more than 100 titles including Books, Research Reports, Working Papers, and Policy Briefs. Maximum books, working papers and policy brief are available for sale at Unnayan Shamannay Library as well as some of books are available at The University Press Limited (UPL). Apart from the commercial publications, soft copies of all outputs are available at our office.

Policy Brief

Concise summary of a particular issue, the policy options to deal with it, and some recommendations on the best option


Books on climate changes, environment, budget booklet and contemporary issues

Research Report

Study reports on impact assessment of development projects, national budget reviews, health, trade, connectivity, and others

Working Paper

Working papers on different issues are ongoing