Shamunnay is a sister concern of Bangladesh. Currently, there are six local committees in the six districts of Bangladesh. It has been registered as an independent organization under the Department of Social Services, Government of Bangladesh in 2003.

The purpose of Shamunnay is to be a catalyst for the innovative and indigenous approach of development, well being of the people or groups mentioned above through human approach. Shamunnay works in favor of people’s rights and socio-economic development, which in turn will facilitate a sustainable and equitable improvement of life.

Shamunnay stimulates documentation, exchanges and dissemination of success stories of its own and other developmental organizations working in the similar area. In the search for social justice, Shamunnay acts as a network of individuals and institutions (including grassroots movements, academia, policy-makers, progressive people and sector, women’s and children’s organizations, organizations working for disabled groups, government and international agencies) working at local and national levels

Areas of Specialization

Shamunnay, in its various studies, has shown its specialization in the following areas.

  • Various aspects of macro-economy, particularly the socioeconomic impact of economic reforms.
  • Budget studies from the perspective of Poor and other primary stakeholders
  • Agricultural Budget in Bangladesh.
  • Environment regeneration by people’s efforts on the basis of traditional knowledge and skill.
  • Health, nutrition and social status of the most disadvantaged group: mother and children.
  • Disaster and people’s coping strategies during and after disasters.
  • Socio-cultural attitudes, norms and conventions and their manifestation in different forms of art.
  • Educational and instructional materials for promoting a better understanding of society, gender, history, culture and economy.
  • Communication, advocacy and audio-visual materials on developmental, cultural and other rightful issues.
  • Dissemination and publication of findings from studies and research through various means such as policy dialogue, audio-visual and print media.
  • Facilitation of human resource, development and promotion of higher education in socioeconomic and cultural disciplines through research, fellowships, seminars, workshops, training courses and lecture series.
  • Logistical support for facilitation of training and development.
  • Fostering and promoting creative entrepreneurship in the fields of culture and development.
  • Research, documentation and preservation of important artifacts and manuscripts related to the socioeconomic, environment and culture of Bangladesh.
  • Establishing links with the future generation on various issues of economic and environmental governance for sustainable development.

Tobacco Control Act needs to be strengthened and enforced immediately to save the young generation

-Civil Society Representatives in a press conference by Unnayan Shamannay The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has attempted to reinforce the draft amendment of “Tobacco Control Act” with an aim to make the pledge “tobacco-free Bangladesh by 2040”. In order to...

Must increase budget to reduce out-of-pocket health expenditures

-Participants in discussion on the health budget Current Health Expenditure in Bangladesh as a share of its GDP is just 2.5 percent, and this ratio is lowest in South Asia. Due to lower government allocations for the health sector, the country's out-of-pocket health...

Citizens and policymakers should work together to strengthen tobacco control law

To make tobacco-free Bangladesh as per the commitment of the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the law structure needs to be strengthened, and the factors that are encouraging the general people need to be prohibited. In continuation, Designated Smoking Areas...

The tobacco control law amendment will be supported whole-heartedly

Honorable Minister for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting- Dr. Hasan Mahmud has said that the government has initiated further strengthening of the tobacco control law to realize the honorable Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Tobacco Free Bangladesh’ by 2040. He...

Unnayan Shamannay Signed a MoU with City Bank

A Memorandum of Understanding between the City Bank Ltd. and Unnayan Shamannay has been signed on 15 November 2022. The MoU signing ceremony, held at the City Banlk Ltd. head office (Gulshan, Dhaka), marks the formal initiation of the "Knowledge Partnership for...

Identifying Necessary Research Issues related to Effective Taxation on Tobacco Products for Future Advocacy

Unnayan Shamannay is working for advocating the policymakers and bureaucrats by providing relevant evidence based on the analysis and research. As part of the research for future advocacy, Unnayan Shamannay organized a workshop with economists and scholars...

Finalizing the draft amendment to the tobacco control act is the call of the hour.

-Dr. Atiur Rahman at Unnayan Shamannay’s national dialogue Eminent economist and former governor of Bangladesh Bank- Professor Dr. Atiur Rahman has inferred that the draft prepared and publicized by the Ministry of Health and...

Tobacco tax proposals in the budget are frustrating

-Honorable Parliamentarians at Unnayan Shamannay’s post-budget discussion The honorable Members of the Parliament perceive the tobacco tax proposals in the budget for FY 2022-23 to be very frustrating. The effective tobacco taxation proposals pushed by different...

FY2022-23 Budget Allocation for Health Sector and Its Effective Implementation

An online national advocacy dialogue on ‘Budget Allocation for Health Sector and Its Effective Implementation’ jointly organized by Bangladesh Health Watch, Brac James P Grant School of Public Health, Brac University, and Unnayan Shamannay. The keynote...

Unnayan Shamannay Reaction on Proposed Budget FY 2022-23

A press conference on the proposed FY 2022-23 budget reaction was held on 11 June at Khondkar Ibrahim Khaled Conference Hall. Unnayan Shamannay's Chairperson and Eminent Economist Dr. Atiur Rahman presented the keynote on the proposed budget (FY 2022-23). Dr. Jamal...